The objective of this website is to present a personal opinion on art books oriented to the video game, animation, film industry and for educational purposes. As a connoisseur and lover of the industry, I find very important to promote and highlight the work done by digital artists for different media.
At all times I strive not to violate the copyright of the publications since I´m aware of the great effort and work that goes into making all this material; on the contrary, I really try to promote it and make it more visible.

All these reviews follow the Copyright Fair Use doctrine guide.

  • Videos are less than 2 minutes on average and pages are displayed quickly.
  • Not all content is displayed, just random pages.
  • All videos and pictures are for review purposes only.
  • I have a contact email enabled for authors or editors who do not want me to show the images and videos of their books.

If there is any problem or violation, do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are interested in making a publication known, please contact me. Art Book Reviews aims to project and promote the work of authors / artists, so that all published material is done altruistically and free of charge.

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